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Bulletin of the MRSU / Section "Politics" / 2020 № 2.


A.V. Selezneva, V.E. Zinenko

Political activity of Russian youth: current development trends. In: Bulletin of the Moscow Region State University (electronic journal), 2020, no. 2.


UDC Index: 323.2

Date of publication: 29.06.2020

The full text of the article

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The purpose of the study was to identify trends in the forms and directions of political activity of Russian youth over the past decade. Methodology and Approach. During the research, the methods of questioning, observation and content analysis were used. In the course of the research, we analyzed the results of the author’s empirical research and data from various research centers (VCIOM, The Public Opinion Foundation, Levada-Center), as well as materials and statistics presented on the Internet. Results. The main forms of political activity of young people were identified and characterized: electoral participation, participation in the activities of youth socio - political organizations and movements, participation in the activities of youth representative institutions under government bodies, professional (socio-political) activities. Technologies of political activity of youth are considered. Theoretical / Practical implications. The article systematizes data on the forms of political activity of young people, identifies trends in their development in modern conditions. The focus on the development of subject-subject relations between the state and youth through the creation of conditions and the use of technologies to involve the young generation in social and political life is revealed.

Key words

political activity, political participation, political behavior, youth, politics, political psychology

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