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Bulletin of the MRSU / Section "Politics" / 2021 № 1.


V.Y. Zorin, I.V. Gerasimova, M.A. Burda

POTENTIAL AND REALIZATION FEATURES OF THE STATE PROGRAM FOR RESETTLEMENT OF COMPATRIOTS. In: Bulletin of the Moscow Region State University (electronic journal), 2021, no. 1, pp. 61-71.


UDC Index: 314.745.4

Date of publication: 28.01.2021 Page: 61 - 71

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Aim. Analysis of the State Program to Assist Voluntary Resettlement of Compatriots Living Abroad to the Russian Federation to determine the quantitative and qualitative indicators of its implementation.

Methodology. The authors consider the program as one of the effective tools for implementation of the state migration policy that helps attract compatriots to the Russian Federation. The article presents the types and features of public management program and target tools in social and economic development of the country and its security. Arguments in favor of a clear link between the goals and tasks of the state body with the planned quantifiable results and the necessary financial resources are given. Methods of statistical analysis, analysis of scientific literature, analysis of materials provided by Federal Executive bodies are used. On the basis of a systematic and institutional approach the problems and prospects of the state resettlement policy towards compatriots are considered, and the ways to solve them are substantiated.

Results. Proposals for the state bodies to improve the process of attracting compatriots to the country and normative regulating of this sphere are prepared.

Research implications. The materials contained in this research can be used by Federal and Regional Executive bodies that formulate and realize the state policy and normative regulation in the field of migration, including issues of the organization of resettlement and settlement of compatriots.

Key words

migration policy, migration processes, compatriots, labor migration, labor market, public administration, labor resources, state programs of the Russian Federation, migration legislation, program-targeted method

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