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Bulletin of the MRSU / Section "Philological sciences" / 2021 № 2.


E.S. Kuznitsina

Language game as a means of creation and functioning of advertising text. In: Bulletin of the Moscow Region State University (electronic journal), 2021, no. 2, pp. 209-218.


UDC Index: 811.161.1

Date of publication: 13.04.2021 Page: 209 - 218

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Aim. The study analyses basic constants of advertising text in terms of language game techniques and identifies the most productive among them.

Methodology. The article outlines concise characteristic of advertising and advertising text language, of language game. The paper considers examples of modern advertising with intentional destruction of language norms and types of language game. To carry out of the research the following methods were used: the analysis method of advertising text elements, the method of linguistic means comparing, the method of forecasting the informative and influencing functions of text.
Results. The research found that the language game is realized at all levels of language. One type of language game can be a tool for creation of other type. The most productive techniques are morphological, derivational and syntactical forms of language game.

Research implications. Collected data allow determining modern trends of creation of advertising text by the linguistic means. The observations and conclusions can assist advertisers in construction and design of advertising texts.

Key words

advertising text, basic constants of advertising text, advertising name, slogan, language game

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