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Bulletin of the MRSU / Section "Pedagogy" / 2012 № 1.


G.G. Shvecov, G.V. Taranova

[METHODOLOGICAL APPROACHES OF FORMING COLLEDGE STUDENT'S ECOLOGICAL COMPETENCE WHILE STUDYING SUBJECTS OF ECOLOGY CYCLE]. In: Bulletin of the Moscow Regional State University (electronic journal) [Bulletin of the Moscow Regional State University (electronic journal)], 2012, no. 1, pp. 5-12.

UDC Index: 37.016: 574

Date of publication: Page: 5 - 12

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The article deals with the problems of creating a method of teaching being able to make more effective the forming of college students' ecological competence. It raises such problems as: comprehensive personality development, creative attitude to solving ecological problems in their future professional activity. The authors created an electronic manual "Ecology, protection of nature and environmental safety" where one can find the full package of regulatory and legal documents on environmental protection. The effectiveness of the developed method of forming of college students' ecological competence was checked by a pedagogical experiment. The analysis of the practice results shows that the given method stimulates the development of the main competences determining the quality of modern education.

Key words

ecological education, ecological competence, self-perfection, self-development.

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