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Bulletin of the MRSU / Section "Russian Philology" / 2012 № 3.


L.P. Ruposova

RUTHENIANS AND THE RUTHENIAN LANGUAGE: THEIR HISTORY AND THE PRESENT. In: Bulletin of the Moscow Region State University (electronic journal), 2012, no. 3, pp. 91-96.

UDC Index: 811.161`282.2 (477.87)

Date of publication: Page: 91 - 96

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The population of Transcarpathia, Eastern Slovakia, Serbian Vojevodina, Southeastern Poland and Northwestern Rumania is known under the general ethnic name of Ruthenians (Rusyns). In their religious faith they are Eastern Orthodox Church believers and Greсo- Catholics. Their status of an ethnic minority was recognized by the United Nations, the European Union and European countries, with the exception of Ukraine. Not having any statehood, they use four koines (linguae franca) Lemkovian, Prjashevian, Uzhgorodian and Vojevodian. Their alphabet is mainly Cyrillic. The Ruthenian language differs from Ukrainian and Slovakian on the lexical level. The koines differ from each other phonetically and grammatically. The same differences can be found when compared with neighboring languages.

Key words

Ruthenian languages, Lemki, Pannonian, Sub-Carpathian Ruthenians, koines (linguae franca) Lemkovian, Prjashevian, Uzhgorodian and Vojevodian, Uniate Church members (Greсo-Catholics), Eastern Orthodox Church believers, Transcarpathian Rus

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