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Bulletin of the MRSU / Section "Geography" / 2012 № 4.


L.I. Egorenkov

Ecological imperative of self-sustaining development of a CITY's ecosystem. In: Bulletin of the Moscow Region State University (electronic journal), 2012, no. 4, pp. 15-19.

UDC Index: 69.001.5

Date of publication: Page: 15 - 19

The full text of the article

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The article considers the problem of a city's ecosystem. The author describes the world and Russian experience in designing, constructing and exploitation of ecological buildings and settlements. Moreover, the ways of energy saving in buildings in the process of installing the systems of lighting, heating and ventilation were shown. The conception of a passive house (in other words: an energy-efficient house) with green roofs and green walls is considered. The author notes the necessity of designing, constructing and exploitation of such buildings and settlements which would never threat to damage the environment and the inhabitants' health, especially in conditions of the modern society transition to the sustainable development. The article shows the perspectives of the ecological construction in Russia.

Key words

a city's ecosystem, ecological house, ecological city, energy-efficient house, green roof, green walls, sustainable development

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