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Bulletin of the MRSU / Section "Russian Philology" / 2013 № 1.


N.V. Chernikova

linguistic and conceptual analysis (the concept "heart" and its lexical reprsentationstaken as an example). In: Bulletin of the Moscow Region State University (electronic journal), 2013, no. 1.

UDC Index: 811.161.1

Date of publication: 17.01.2013

The full text of the article

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The paper is devoted to the linguistic and conceptual analysis technique aimed to describe the content of the cultural meaning - the concept - through identifying the corpus of lexical units embodying the concept, as well as through studying their semantics, connotations, associative field, internal form, their paradigm of synonyms and antonyms, syntagmatic properties, derivative relations, sphere and pattern of their use in different speech genres. The author takes as an example the analysis of the concept HEART and lexical units embodying it. That allows to specify the place of this concept in the system of cultural values of the Russians and to show the interaction of the mental-spiritual and linguistic pictures of the world.

Key words

linguistic and conceptual analysis, cultural concept, lexical unit, the key word

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