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Bulletin of the MRSU / Section "Physics and mathematics" / 2013 № 4.


A.A. Vakulenko, A.V. Strelets, D. Sytnik

[METHODS OF ASSESSING THE IMPACT OF THE QUESTIONNAIRE’S QUALITY ON THE POLLING RESULTS RELIABILITY BY MEANS OF SIMULATION] In: Bulletin of the Moscow Regional State University (electronic journal) [Bulletin of the Moscow Regional State University (electronic journal)], 2013, no. 4.

UDC Index: 004.422.81

Date of publication: 30.10.2013

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This work describes the technique of evaluation of the influence of the questionnaire quality on the reliability of polling results got by means of simulation. The technique can be applied to a system of expert survey quality examination for obtaining preliminary assessments of the results reliability which were obtained by means of simulation. The content of the method consists in conducting statistical surveys with the use of respondent simulation models and questionnaire data processing, presented in the form of dependences on the parameters that characterize the questionnaire quality. The implementation of this technique results in the increase of survey efficiency.

Key words

questionnaire poll, reliability of survey results, indicator scale, questionnaire data processing, respondent simulation model, assessment of reliability, questionnaire quality

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