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Bulletin of the MRSU / Section "Russian Philology" / 2014 № 1.


K.R. Vaganova

The predicate «POISKATI» аnd «RAZYSKATI» IN THE RUSSIAN LITERARY LANGUAGE (According to «THE RUSSIAN LANGUAGE DICTIONARY OF XI-XVII centuries»). In: Bulletin of the Moscow Region State University (electronic journal), 2014, no. 1.

UDC Index: 811.161

Date of publication: 23.01.2014

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This article examines the emergence of the lexical system investigative business language on the example of two predicates - poiskati (to search) and razyskati (to detect). The study is carried out on the material of the entries of «The Russian Language Dictionary of XI-XVII centuries». The method of context analysis was applied. As a result, it was concluded that the semantic variations have a stage development, and depend on the genre and stylistic specific characteristics of any work of literature which has great importance. Core and periphery relationship in terms of semantic representations turned to be confirmed by the diffusion processes of transformation, resulting in the explication of the investigative knowledge only in the second half of the XVII century.

Key words

Russian literary language, the language of business, investigative business language, business literature, semantic features, core and periphery relationship

List of references

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