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Bulletin of the MRSU / Section "Philological sciences" / 2015 № 2.


M.N. Levchenko

LINGUISTIC FEATURES OF I.V. GOETHE’S SCIENTIFIC SPEECH. In: Bulletin of the Moscow Region State University (electronic journal), 2015, no. 2.

UDC Index: 81’42(092)Гёте

Date of publication: 30.06.2015

The full text of the article

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This article examines an insufficiently known issue of I.V. Goethe’s creative activity – of the great German poet – the linguistic picture of his philosophical and natural science works, forming the writer’s special scientific style. I.V. Goethe’s seven scientific papers are in the center of the analysis, as it is difficult to overestimate their aesthetic value. Goethe’s scientific speech cannot be considered a model or meeting all the standards of the scientific style. The author argues that, most likely, Goethe’s works with all determined linguistic features (active use of scientific terms, the formation of new concepts, rational and logical narrative interspersed with art, et al.) are texts that represent the scientific and popular style and are an interesting object for linguistic analysis.

Key words

scientific speech, concept, scientific term, popular scientific text, stylistic device, the arrangement of sentences

List of references

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