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Bulletin of the MRSU / Section "Politics" / 2017 № 4.


Y. Chzhen

[THE COOPERATION BETWEEN THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION AND THE PEOPLE`S REPUBLIC OF CHINA IN CENTRAL ASIAN REGION AS A FACTOR OF THE REGION’S STEADY DEVELOPMENT]. In: Bulletin of the Moscow Regional State University (electronic journal) [Bulletin of the Moscow Regional State University (electronic journal)], 2017, no. 4.


UDC Index: 327 (470+510)

Date of publication: 08.12.2017

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The subject of the research is interaction between the Russian Federation and the People`s Republic of China in Central Asian region. The aim of the article is to analyze the current state of the interaction between the Russian Federation and the People`s Republic of China in Central Asian region. The author scrutinizes the measures undertaken by the two countries and the prospects of their cooperation development. The main methods used in the research are the collection, generalization and analysis of data from various sources with the aim of stating objective regularities of cooperation development between the two states. The author comes to the conclusion that the cooperation between Russia and China in Central Asian region has a great impact on supporting the regional security and contributes to the acceleration of the social and economic development of the region. In the future this process will promote the stability of the political life of the Central Asian states.

Key words

Russia, China, Central Asia, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Eurasian Economic Union, Collective Security Treaty Organization, the Silk Road Economic Belt

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