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Bulletin of the MRSU / Section "Politics" / 2018 № 4.


L.V. Sagitova

THE POLICY OF TATARSTAN’S IDENTITY IN THE CONTEXT OF FEDERATIVE RELATIONS FORMATION IN MODERN RUSSIA. In: Bulletin of the Moscow Region State University (electronic journal), 2018, no. 4, pp. 135-147.


UDC Index: 321/ 323

Date of publication: 14.11.2018 Page: 135 - 147

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The article considers the process of new federative relations formation in Russia by the example of one of the regions that is indicative in the research context - the Republic of Tatarstan. The analysis of the dynamics of the republic’s identity policy implemented by the regional elite over the past 30 years was carried out using an interdisciplinary approach. The methodology and methods of political science, sociology, and ethnology were combined in the approach used. The results of the research allow us to trace the political, socio-economic and ethno-cultural determinants of the identity policy pursued by the regional elite.

Key words

identity policy, regionalization, ethnic factor, federalism, contractual relations, regional elite

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