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Bulletin of the MRSU / Section "Politics" / 2018 № 4.


O.V. Tsvetkova

EXPERTS’ ASSESSMENTS OF CROSS-BORDER COOPERATION IN THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION MUNICIPALITIES. In: Bulletin of the Moscow Region State University (electronic journal), 2018, no. 4, pp. 148-161.


UDC Index: 342

Date of publication: 14.11.2018 Page: 148 - 161

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The purpose of the article is to conduct the political and territorial study of the border areas of the Russian Federation. The monitoring of the development processes in the border areas through the activation of inter-municipal cross-border (cross-border) cooperation is done. The collection and analysis of empirical data by the method of expert interviews and the method of expert focus group of regional authorities’ representatives from the border regions of the Russian Federation. The practical experience of inter-municipal cross-border (cross-border) cooperation on the example of municipal districts of Kaliningrad, Murmansk regions and the Republic of Altai is studied. Basing on the results of the study the author draws conclusions about the state of cross-border cooperation of local governments in the framework of creating appropriate legislative support. In conclusion of the article proposals for the development of the border municipalities territories are formulated.

Key words

border territory, cross-border (transboundary) cooperation, cross-border municipalities, cross-border cooperation program

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