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Bulletin of the MRSU / Section "Politics" / 2020 № 1.


A.K. Denil’khanov



UDC Index: 323.22/.28

Date of publication: 16.03.2020

The full text of the article

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Purpose. The aim of the article is to analyze the evolution of political modernization and identify the features of the formation of the constitutional system in Russia. Methodology and Approach. From the point of view of General scientific methods (historicism, analysis and synthesis), the paper investigates the political situation in the Russian Empire, which is reflected in the discussions of the deputies of the first four State Duma on the political structure of Russia and the formation of the Supreme normative act-the Constitution-in a complex socio-political situation in the country. Results. The author comes to the conclusion that the lateness of the reforms, the vectors of political forces, the lack of consensus between the autocracy and the liberals-but the configured part of the population has led to the tragic events of re-involution of 1917. The practical implication of the article is that the appeal to the historical experience of the country will allow to reveal mistakes and shortcomings of the government and politically active part of society in the process of building a constitutional order, and to determine the prospects for modernization of the Russian state.

Key words

the Constitution, liberalism, reform, Code of Laws of the Russian Empire, the State Duma

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