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Oleg V. Nikitin

doctor of philological Sciences, Professor, Professor of the history of the Russian language and General linguistics
Moscow state regional University
Professional interests relate to the study of Humanities in related, interdisciplinary areas related to Russian and Slavic Philology, Ethnology, Russian business script and its variants, North Russian dialects, semantic processes in the modern lexicon, lexicography, history, linguistics XVIII–XX centuries the First area successfully researched using archival sources from the Russian and European collections. Ethnology in the most part, studied in a diachronic perspective: ethno-linguistic relations between Slavic and non-Slavic Nations in the Northern territories, particularly the minorities and microculture groups and their impact on linguistic and cultural processes, language, faiths, monastic culture and consciousness, as well as the modern ethnic processes on the European and Asian continents. One of the most promising topics suggested O. V. Nikitin in this direction is the study of ethnological complexes as elements of national culture in border areas — cultural studies of language, semiotics, and hermeneutics. His special interest is the problem of formation and development of Russian business literature in the XI–XVIII centuries. Is the author of over 400 scientific publications (including 5 books and reprints of classic works in the new edition) in Russian academic, industry and regional publications, scientific memoirs of universities, proceedings of international and national conferences, and international journals (Slovakia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, India, UK, Slovenia, Ukraine, Estonia, Scandinavia). Participated in international projects (prepared a series of articles for the dictionary "Lexicon Grammaticorum: Who is Who in the history of world linguistics") and publication of the state value ("New Russian encyclopedia"). Leading scientific and educational journals ("Philological studies", "Questions of linguistics", "Izvestiya. Series of literature and language", "Russian language in a scientific light", "speaking Russian", "Russian language abroad", "Russian language at school", etc.) regularly publish articles, archival researches, reviews, and archival materials O. V. Nikitina. Training: 2009 — FPC Moscow state regional University "Actual problems of theory and practice of teaching in higher school". Awards, certificates: In February 1995, as a result of participation in the International scientific Congress for young scientists of XXI century "Youth and Science — Looking into the Third Millennium", held under the patronage of the Government of the Russian Federation and Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov, for achievements in research activity and high research results was awarded the Diploma of I degree; the winner of the XII International competition of young scientists of RAS (2000) and the gold medal of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences (2001), laureate of the IX competition of the European Academy for young scientists of Russia in the section "Humanities" (2002); the winner of the competition of scientific grants of Governor of the Moscow region (2002, 2003).