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Oksana S. Issers

doctor of philological Sciences
Omsk state University n. a. F. M. Dostoevsky
In 1977 he graduated from the Moscow regional pedagogical Institute. N. K. Krupskaya, specialty "teacher of Russian language and literature." In 1988 he defended his Ph. D. in 1999 — doctoral thesis. In September-November 1998 — invited Professor of the University of Florida (Institute of communication). In 2011-2012 ranked in the top 100 outstanding women of Omsk magazine "a Business course". Maintains the following lecture courses: Russian morphology, Russian phonetics, Russian word formation, Russian dialectology, the history of the Russian language, old Russian language, introduction to linguistics, history of linguistics, rhetoric, public speech, Russian as a foreign language, Russian accentology, General linguistics, speech communication and speech impact. Is the co-author of the innovative educational program "Actual problems of Philology" in the framework of the national project "Education". The author of the monograph "the Communicative strategies and tactics of Russian speech", reprinted several times textbooks "Speech influence", "Intensive Russian language course. Why do not they say in Russian. A manual on the culture of speech" (co-authored with N. A. Kuzmina), "Intensive course of Russian language. Guide for preparation for testing and writing the rules, algorithms and cheat sheets" (co-authored with N. A. Kuzmina).

Articles in the electronic journal Bulletin MSRU

E.M. Markova, L.V. Ratsiburskaya, O.S. Issers, Y.A. Mel'nik, I.P. Zaitseva, I. Sipko, M.V. Radchenko [The role of mass media in the democratization and creativization of the modern russian language (Round table)]. In: Bulletin of the Moscow Region State University (electronic journal) [Bulletin of the Moscow Region State University (electronic journal)], 2017, no. 1.